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Name:Team Thief
Website:Final Fantasy Land
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Community description:Thief team community for Final Fantasy Land
Treasure Hunters is the team comm for the Thief class of Final Fantasy Land. This class incorporates Thieves, Bards, Ninjas, and Sky Pirates -- the rogues and nomads of society. The Thief class is a basic class with the unique ability to steal items from enemies, which makes them invaluable for treasure-collecting. Bards provide support for allies from a safe place. Ninja have high evasion and are able to deal a lot of damage using their dual wield ability. All the classes are fast and agile, able to equip light armor as well as light weapons like daggers, and are relatively well-rounded. Notable Final Fantasy Thieves/Ninja include Edge, Locke, Rikku, Yuffie, and Zidane. Notable Final Fantasy Bards and Sky Pirates include Edward, Balthier, Setzer, and Vaan.


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"treasure hunting", balthier, edward chris von muir, edward geraldine, locke cole, rare items, rikku, setzer gabbiani, stealing hearts, stealing items, vaan, yuffie kisaragi, zidane tribal
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